Building Breathtaking Teams

Learn how to use stress to build high performing teams

Has the last couple of years been stressful for your team? Are you looking to bring everyone together to rebuild energy, productivity and resilience for the future?

We offer a unique learning experience, where in one day you will take a snapshot of your personal & team stress & resilience profile and learn how to use stress to perform well under pressure.

The day comprises three ninety minutes sessions. Each can also be delivered individually to fit around a team planning, development or strategy day, guaranteed to boost energy and creativity.

1. Measuring stress & building your resilience

We measure the impact of stress real time and show you how to keep calm and recover quickly after any stressful event. This fun, engaging, high impact session will show you how to focus on the eustress (good stress) and stop the distress (bad stress).

We use a science backed realtime biomarker of stress, called Heart Rate Variability (HRV), show you to measure and then increase it (which means less stress), using our BreathTaking Science.

During the session, you will be presented with a simulated stressful situation so you measure your recovery time and feel the difference when you have more built in resilience.

2. Exploring how your personality shifts under stress

We all have three aspects to our personality. Our underlying self, our typical responses (or everyday persona) and our role related behaviour (based on the requirements of our job or every day roles, including when you get stressed.

We introduce you to a great app from our partner Lumina Learning, for bringing your personality to life,  so you can see for yourself these three elements of your behaviour, build on your strengths and develop other areas.

Guaranteed after this session, you will start to notice the difference in your personal effectiveness and performance.


3. Building your high performing team under stress

In this final session we explore how your team copes both in everyday situations and how they can change when the going gets tough.

By understanding individual team members personality, including your own, and by understanding the impact of stress on personality you can learn to function efficiently and effectively in pressure situations.

We help open conversations across the team so you learn how to grow and craft a new team personality that comes into play under stress.

For the finale, we will invite the team to another simulated stressful situation and measure the group HRV score to see how the combination of increased resilience  using breathtaking science and the updated team stress personality and see the results for yourself.

If you are looking to bring your team together for a planning, development or strategy day, then take advantage of our special launch offer for a 25% discount for events booked by the end of January 2023.

What’s included in the day

  • Provision Kyto heart monitors and access to EliteHRV app for each participant and for group reporting
  • Demonstration of how HRV changes in simulated distressing situations compared to baseline. 
  • Introduction to BreathTaking Science as a tool to build resilience 
  • Calculation of individual breathing rates that maximises increase in HRV = maximum release stress
  • Repeat of simulation overlaid with biofeedback to show faster recovery from stressful events
  • Real time demonstration with the group to show how a team can synchronise their HRV whilst tackling a problem and how to use this to build team performance
  • Snapshot of individual personality shift during stress using the Lumina Splash app, overlaid with biofeedback
  • Statement of new team personality that comes into play under stress
  • Individual and team feedback
  • Take away actions and next steps, including our 6 week breathtaking programme

What participants will learn

  • The difference being stressed and stressed out
  • How to measure and interpret Heart Rate Variability (HRV) 
  • How to build resilience using our Breathtaking Science
  • How your personality shifts under stress 
  • How your team’s personality shifts under stress and how to use it to improve performance and team flow.
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