MindSpire helps to treat the effects of chronic stress on your body and mind by stimulation of the vagus nerve, offering a direct gateway into your autonomic nervous system. 

Powered by a  team of neuroscientists, biochemists, computer scientists and bio-engineers,  we have come together to work out how technology and data science can help improve mental health and human flourishing, on a scale not previously seen before. 

Our starting point, is de-coding and treating stress, to help you get to a place where you can be the most amazing version of yourself, every day. To do this, we are building a wearable earpiece that collects and analyses special bio-markers  from heart rate and brain waves patterns. These, combined with a view of how you are feeling will give a more accurate picture of your stress, which will then allow us to recommend a personalised protocol to treat your stress through the stimulation of your vagus nerve in the outer ear, using a tiny electrical current. This can be applied until your stress levels are reduced.

It’s still early days. We have successfully built our proof of concept device and are now securing investment to build a fully working prototype that can be used for clinical validation.

If you would like to get involved early to help us with our design and testing, please follow our journey and join our growing research community. 


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