Feel the power of vagus nerve stimulation.

We harness the power of the vagus nerve to activate specific neural pathways & tap into its body wide communication system.

The vagus nerve is the body's longest nerve, a communication superhighway from our brain to the abdomen, that also activates our parasympathetic nervous system, playing an important role in the regulation of heart rate, digestion, and breathing. It also helps to regulate the production of various hormones, including cortisol, adrenaline, and oxytocin as well as playing an important role in the brain-gut axis, linking the brain and the gastrointestinal tract.

By being able to stimulate the nerve non invasively using real time biofeedback we offer a fully personalised, safe, effective experience to build resilience to stress, boost performance & treat chronic conditions where sympathovagal inbalance exists, including cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, depression & chronic pain.

Introducing GRACE,
our wearable bioelectronic
earpiece to put you in
the driving seat

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The problem — stress is out of control

  • Our brains still come with factory settings
    We need stress but too much is damaging

    Our brains were designed for fewer stressful events & more recovery time.

  • Our stress response is generic
    The wiring in our brain can be affected

    And the switch that turns off our stress response gets damaged

  • Our stress response is generic
    We have varying levels of resilience to stress

    So solutions for rewiring the brain & rebuilding vagal strength have to personalised.

  • Chronic stress puts our health at risk
    Left unchecked

    Too much stress can lead to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, heart & inflammatory diseases.

Our solution: Optimise vagus nerve activity & impact in the brain & organs

  • 1. Measure your stress
    1. Measure

    Using sensors in the ear piece, we measure Heart Rate Variability & other biomarkers

  • 2. Stimulate your vagus nerve
    2. Stimulate

    A tiny electric current is used to stimulate the nerve, which can be accessed from the ear

  •  3. Let it do the talking
    3. Optimise

    The stimulation protocol is optimised through pairing with respiration & modified based on real time biofeedback

  • 4. Build resilience
    4. Restore

    Through daily training, feel the impact of nervous system balance

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