MindSpire helps us visualise what's happening in our minds and uses some clever tech  to help us relax, tap into more of our brain and feel better about ourselves.

We are all born with feelings of loving kindness and the desire to help those around us, but sometimes these feelings get buried by our cultural conditioning, other people's opinions and  those self limiting beliefs we form as children. We also have the innate ability to relax and find happiness in the moment, rather than worrying about the past or things to come and become chronically stressed. 

Imagine if there was an easy way to see what to de-stress, form new brain patterns and mindsets that bring out the best in us?  Our ear based neuro-stimulation and biofeedback device is being created to do just this. Using some clever tiny electrical pulses combined with some biofeedback, we can help you relax,  be less anxious and start to flourish. 

Its early days and we would love you to help shape this new social venture. We are not going to be a traditional business, we want to create a critical mass of people who have love, flow, purpose and are caring, creative and connected to each other and their environment.  When enough of us change, the world will change too because we make up the world.

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