Corporate workshop: Building BreathTaking Teams

Corporate workshop: Building BreathTaking Teams

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Corporate workshop: Building breathtaking teams

Found the last couple of years stressful and now wanting to bring your team together to rebuild energy, productivity and resilience for the future?

We offer you a totally unique learning experience, where in a single 2 hour session you will be able to take a snapshot of your own resilience and transform how your team works together under pressure.  

We measure the impact of stress real time and show you how to keep calm and recover quickly after any stressful event. This fun, engaging, high impact workshop is inspired by MindSpire, a team of neuroscientists who can help you focus on the eustress (good stress) and stop the distress (bad stress).

We love data and showing you the power you have to control one of your markers of stress, called Heart Rate Variability. With a little wear monitor that clips to your ear, you will take your own measurements and using our BreathTaking Science see how you can reduce it. 

We simulate stressful situations so you can experience the life changing impact of BreathTaking science and how to use stress the right way so you always bring your best to life and your team everyday. 

Included in the session is our unique group challenge that demonstrates the power of team flow and how working together really makes problem solving more energetic, creative and efficient. 

If you are looking to bring your team together for a planning, development or strategy day, then take advantage of our special launch offer for a 25% discount. 

What’s included in the session:

  • Provision Kyto heart monitors and access to EliteHRV app for each participant and for group reporting
  • Demonstration of how HRV changes in simulated distressing situations compared to baseline. 
  • Introduction to Breathtaking Science as a tool to build resilience 
  • Calculation of individual breathing rates that maximises increase in HRV = maximum release stress
  • Repeat of simulation overlaid to with of distressing Real time biofeedback session to show in action and how it speeds up recovery from stressful events
  • Snapshot of individual personality shift during stress using Lumina Splash - overlay with biofeedback
  • Real time demo with a small group to showcase how a team can synchronise their HRV whilst tackling a problem and how to use this to build team performance
  • Individual and team feedback
  • Take away actions and next steps.

What you participants will learn:

  • The difference being stressed and stressed out
  • How to use stress safely for greater team performance
  • How to measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and it tells you
  • How your personality shifts under stress 
  • How to build resilience to stress using our Breathtaking Science
  • How the team can adapt their response to stress to improve performance and team flow.